Corporate Governance

Shareholders’ Rights

The Company is committed to protect the rights of shareholders and stakeholders, and the Board of Directors has approved policies that ensure the protection of the rights of all shareholders and that provides the shareholders to exercise their rights given in the Companies Act and the instructions of the Capital Markets Authority, which includes the following:

  1. Booking the value of ownership in the Company’s records.
  2. Disposing of the shares, registration, transfer and / or conversion of the stock ownership.
  3. Obtainment of an agreed-upon share in dividends.
  4. Obtainment of a share of the Company’s assets in case of liquidation.
  5. Obtainment of data and information related to the Company activities, operations and investment strategy on a regular and facilitated basis.
  6. Participation in the General Assembly meeting of shareholders and voting on its decisions.
  7. Election of Board of Directors.
  8. Monitoring the Company’s performance in general and BOD.
  9. Issuing a liability claim on the members of the Board or executive management, in the case of their failure to perform the tasks assigned to them
  10. Approval of any sale, purchase, or disposal of the company’s assets in any way in the case where the operation amounts to 50% or more of the total value of the company’s assets.

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