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Asset Management

With a track record dating back to 1984, KMEFIC Asset Management ranks among the leading fund managers dedicated to Kuwait, the GCC, as well as broader Middle East region. As a pioneering investment company that has generated many firsts in the market, KMEFIC today leads the GCC region with its superior trading and portfolio management technology which enables it to leverage a robust research capability to identify and capture dynamic investment opportunities.

The Asset Management Group manages diversified Funds and offers full discretionary portfolio management services to High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional Investors. Our private clientele include leading regional commercial banks, investment company funds, sovereign wealth funds, corporations, foundations, and large family groups.

In addition to full discretionary portfolio management, KMEFIC offers Advisory Services to provide clients with a truly customized wealth management approach. Advisory Services cover local, GCC, and International markets and can tailor strategies from conventional disciplines to those requiring strict compliance with Shari’a guidelines. Advisory strategies can be designed to meet benchmark, wealth, or absolute return goals within client defined risk constraints. We also combine GCC strategies with new and unique investment opportunities in regional emerging markets. In combination with our insightful buy-side research and dynamic asset allocation advisory services, KMEFIC can integrate custody portfolios to provide a more comprehensive asset management approach for the sophisticated investor.

KMEFIC offers conventional and Islamic investment products in Kuwait and other GCC, MENA and International markets, as well as alternative investment opportunities, including private-equity, funds of funds and hedge funds. The current funds offered are Al Rou’yah Fund and Gulf Gate Fund.

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