Al Rouyah Fund

The Objectives of Al-Rou’yah Fund are:

  1. Making investment decisions on behalf of clients by buying and selling securities in Boursa Kuwait while abiding by the laws that regulate the investment process.
  2. Utilizing the fund’s cash surplus by investing in initial public offerings, newly issued government bonds and Sukuk.
  3. Investing in financial derivatives or new financial tools that are approved and regulated to be used within the fund’s scope of work in Boursa Kuwait. Such derivatives include, but are not limited to, margin trading, forward contracts, repurchase agreements, option trading, etc. The fund also has the option to invest excess cash in short- and medium-term bank deposits until new investment opportunities are present.

Funds Summary:

Fund’s Manager:Kuwait & Middle East Financial Investment Company
Fund Name :Al Rouyah Fund
Country of Domicile:Kuwait
Fund’s Currency:KD
Fund’s Type:Open Ended Fund
Unit Par Value:KD 1.000
Funds Capital:Fund capital is variable with a minimum of KD 2,000,000 (two million Kuwaiti Dinars) and a maximum of KD 50,000,000 (Fifty million Kuwaiti Dinars).
Date of Inception:21 May 2002
Fund Duration:15 years (from the date of inception)
NAV Disclosure:Monthly
Gulf Custody Company
Auditors:Rodl – Middle East
Dividend Distribution:35% cash dividends were distributed (10% for 2002 and 25% for 2007) and 55% bonus shares for the years 2007 and 2018.

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